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Top Resources for Autism: — One of the leading autism science and advocacy organizations.  Autism Speaks provides a comprehensive resource guide for all states.  The site also boasts an impressive list of apps that parents may find useful, including games that focus on communication and social skills. — Another great site that includes helpful resources for those with autism, family members as well as professionals.  Autism Society also gives updates on the latest autism news and press releases. — Sign up for Disability Scoop e-mail newsletter to receive the most current updates on developmental disabilities.  Disability Schoop’s experts have been cited by multiple online news sites, including USA Today and — The Autism Research Institute focuses on researching the causes of autism, as well as developing safe and effective treatments for those currently affected by the disorder. — Managed by parents, AutismWeb includes great insights on different autism teaching methods.  The site also provides a forum where parents can go to share their stories, give updates on their children’s progress, and share recipes that may be useful for picky eaters. — The Asperger Syndrome and High Functioning Autism Association website offers some great resources for those with higher functioning autism.  Ahany also provides a great list of summer pgorams and day camps in New York, as well as usefull questions to ask when choosing a camp or summer program for your special needs child. — Started by a woman whose son was diagnosed with autism, Autism Highway is both informative and fun. Easy to navigate, Autism Highway provides an extensive list of Autism related events and specialists. In addition, Autism Highway includes many fun games that children are sure to enjoy! — Also started by the parent of a child with autism, Autism Beacon strives to supply the best resources for autism treatments.  Autism Beacon presents a lengthy range of articles on autism, including sensitive topics such as bullying and sexuality. — Healing Thresholds includes information on many different therapy treatments for children with autism.  The site focuses on the top 12 used by parents, but also includes useful information on nearly 100 additional therapies. — A lifeline for families and individuals affected by autism providing education, advocacy and support. Founded by parents in 1996, Autism Connection of PA is a 501(c) (3) nonprofit, serving thousands of people seeking help for autism concerns.  Professional staff,s all parents who understand, provide telephone support, weekly autism news, autism-friendly activities, and coordinate more than 76 support groups across Pennsylvania. — Autism-PDD is a website dedicated to helping parents find resources on autism.  We have message boards to post questions.  What is Autism? Learn about the different spectrum disorders, latest in research, autism symptonms, causes and search autism books to extend your knowledger.  Diagnosing Autism you are concerned about yoru childs behavior with. — Free autism education and peer support community for adults, parents and children seeking information and support for ASD.  Join our free support community and connect with thousands of other families and individuals touched by ASD.  Find out what is working for others, coping strategies, and life guides from others living what you are going through. — The Watson Institute today is an educational organization specializing in educating children with special needs, as well as those professionals and pre-professionals who serve children with special needs. — International Center for Autism Research and Education, & the International Autism Conference.  From symptoms to treatments, awareness, diagnosis, aspergers.

ADHD Sites — CHADD is a membership organization, produces the bi-monthly Attention magazine (for members), and sponsors an annual conference.  The National Resource Enter on ADHD (NRC) is the CDC-funded national clearinghouse for evidence-based information about ADHD. — Site on attention deficit disorder, ADHD & You is dedicated to helping you understand the disorder and how it is managed. — This site has articles, personal stories, interviews with ADD professionals, book reviews, and links to other ADD-related sites that provide information which may be helpful.

Resources and help for parents — VBH-PA manages behavioral health services for Medical Assistance (MA) recipients in 13 Western Pennsylvania counties. — This site has all the county offices and phone numbers in Pennsylvania. — By collaborating with local professionals and agencies under the direction of a parent of a young man on the autism spectrum, the center provides support and products related to autism spectrum disorders and related conditions generally not available elsewhere in one location. — The mission of NIMH is to transform the understanding and treatment of mental illnesses through basic and clinical research, paving the way for prevention, recovery, and cure. — Deparement of public welfare. — Free pages with social skills and behavioral regulation activities and guidance, plus much more. — A practical source of information and teaching tips for working with your special learners since 2002.  Have fun exploring our site as you look for ways to help your learners with autism and other pervasive developmental disorders. — Children’s Developmental Unit at Childrens of Pittsburgh

Education and Special Needs — Wrightslaw is probably the biggest and most comprehensive special education site on the Web.  Not only does the site explain and dicuss special education law in exhaustive depth, but it also includes a Yellow Pages section where parents can find listings for advocates and special education lawyers in their local area. — Parent and education advocacy leadership