Jack Monaco - President Misty Trosch - Vice President of Operations
  Dr. Ken Wallace - Vice President of Clinical Operations Ted Saad - Vice President of Community Relations
     Mabel Scafede - Clinical Coordinator


COMPREHENSIVE Children and Family Services has been serving northwest Pennsylvania for 14 years. Our main office is located in Downtown Sharon and serves Mercer County. We also have an office located in New Castle which serves Lawrence, Beaver, and Butler Counties and an office in Meadville which serves Crawford and Venango Counties. We also have office space in Ellwood City.

At COMPREHENSIVE we are dedicated to providing the highest level of professionalism in our services. Whether we are in the home or in the classroom we view ourselves as guests and act accordingly. Our staff is continuously trained not just on therapeutic and mental health topics, but on first aid, proper restraint and how to avoid having to use it, and on confidentiality to protect the privacy of our clients and their families. We are a growing company because families, schools, and other mental health professionals have put their trust in us and have willingly referred us to others because we have kept that trust.

Ellwood City Office 724-656-8483
Sharon Office 724-981-9900
New Castle Office 724-656-8483
Meadville Office 814-724-1141
Toll Free 800-630-2237
What is Wraparound:

Wraparound Services are funded by the Department of Public Welfare (DPW). Any child under the age of 21 with a mental health diagnosis is eligible for services.

Services are specially tailored to meet each individual child's needs, giving the family the greatest opportunity for success.

Wraparound Services are community based, allowing services to be provided in the home, school, or a similar less restrictive environment.

Services are designed and planned with input from the family and other individuals who have a commitment to the child's success.

Services are developed in a culturally sensitive manner, building on the unique strengths and values of each individual family.

Wraparound Services are evaluated regularly to ensure that they continue to meet the individual needs of the child.

How Wraparound Works:

A child or adolescent under the age of 21 is identified as a candidate for Wraparound Services.

With the consent of the family, a psychological evaluation is performed to confirm that the child has a mental health diagnosis and that Wraparound Services are medically necessary.

A team meeting is held with the family and key persons which may include the school and other agencies.

The strengths and needs of the child and family are mutually identified.

An intervention strategy is developed jointly, and goals and objectives set.

Team members accept responsibility for tasks they'll have, creating the best opportunity for success.

COMPREHENSIVE Children and Family Services assigns trained, qualified staff to work with the child and family based on the teams plan of intervention.

The plan is evaluated on a regular basis and can be modified, if necessary, at a future meeting.


Therapeutic Staff Support (TSS):

TSS workers provide one on one intervention with the client in the locations prescribed by the psychologist (home, school, and/or community).

The TSS implements methods and interventions from the treatment plan to help the student achieve the goals of the treatment plan.

TSS workers must keep their clients within eyesight at all times and are not permitted to conduct personal business or read while working with a client.

During school hours the TSS does not just provide service during normal classes, they are with the client in the hallways, during lunch, recess, and special classes.

TSS workers at COMPREHENSIVE are required to have a college degree and paid experience working with children in order to join our team.

Before working with a client for the first time TSS workers must complete over 30 hours of training. Each year the worker is required to have ongoing training to keep their skills up to date.

All staff members are trained in Safe Crisis Management techniques, but are also trained to de-escalate situations so that they do not need to restrain a client in most circumstances.

All staff members are committed to honoring the confidentiality of our clients and their families.

Mobile Therapists (MT):

Mobile Therapists provide intensive therapeutic sessions for the child and family in non-traditional settings outside of the clinic or office.

Mobile Therapists may meet with just the client or with the client and their family for a session.

Mobile Therapy sessions vary according to the individualized needs of the client and their family members.

Mobile Therapists are required to have attained at least a Master's Degree.

Behavioral Specialist Consultants (BSC):

The BSC is responsible for creating a behavior modification plan in conjunction with family members, teachers, and other individuals involved with the child.

If the family or teachers are already using a behavior modification plan which is working successfully for the child, the BSC is responsible for utilizing the existing plan.

The BSC assesses, designs, and monitors a program that fits the needs of each child and family, and is implemented in accordance with the Team's plan.

The BSC is required to have obtained at least a Master's Degree.

COMPREHENSIVE's Specialized Autism Program:

The Autism/PDD Program at COMPREHENSIVE Children and Family Services helps children achieve their fullest potential. We provide families with a support network of information and consulting services that strives to meet the behavioral and emotional needs of the child. Our program develops self-esteem, self-sufficiency, and social skills enabling the child to successfully function within the community. At COMPREHENSIVE Children and Family Services, we take multiple approaches to treat your child. We believe that each child is unique, has special qualities, and that care should be individualized and reflect this philosophy. Our knowledgeable, caring, and experienced staff is committed to providing the highest standards of service.

COMPREHENSIVE's Autism Support Group:

We are pleased to be able to offer a support group for parents of children with Autism Spectrum Disorders. Each meeting a topic is selected and information is presented by a member of our clinical staff, discussions are held on issues important to you as parents, and space is provided for your children to play under the supervision of members of our TSS staff. To find out the date, time and topic of the next meeting and for additional information on this aspect of our autism program, please call our Sharon office at (724) 981-9900 or Toll Free (800) 630-2237.

Autism Program Features:

A caring, knowledgeable staff sensitive to the needs of the individual and family.

Collaboration with families to meet the needs of the child, as well as those of the family.

Educational materials and support groups covering a variety of topics pertaining to Pervasive Development Disorders are available.

Utilization of methods that enhance appropriate development using components of various therapeutic approaches.

Generalized learning that includes the home, school, and community environments.

Collaboration with treatment team members in specialized therapies, such as occupational, speech, and physical.


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